SAPIENS is a team of experts, specializing in analytical reporting solutions, mobile applications, planning and forecast systems.

The team's experience and its impeccable reputation
are a guarantee of successful partnership
with our clients.

The main goal of our company is to develop solutions that increase the efficiency of our clients' business processes. We understand and respect our clients' business processes and offer qualified IT solutions that live up to their expectations. Our priorities are flexible architecture and convenience of final product's use. We take responsibility for quality, budget and project terms.

Our advantages:

  • Extensive experience in implementing analytic reporting and planning systems.
  • Client-focused approach.
  • Our employee engagement system is aimed entirely at successful system integration and its efficient use by our customers.
  • We take responsibility for budget and project terms.
  • The result of our work is a fully functioning system, integrated in your company.

12 years’ experience in SAP Business Intelligence implementation and maintenance and 15 years of working in IT. Yury has worked as architect and project head manager at large-scale implementations of BI products, has deep knowledge of SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, SAP HANA functionalities. Yury is the adviser of the whole line of SAP AG official courses focusing on analytical apps.

9 years’ experience in SAP implementation and maintenance. Anton has deep knowledge of SAP BW, SAP BW-IP, SAP BO functionalities, as well as IFRS, budgeting and administrative reporting. He was charged with many projects implementing products on SAP Netweaver platform and is an adviser of SAP AG official courses focusing on data storage, reporting and consolidation systems.

More than 10 years’ experience in SAP implementation and maintenance. Eugene has deep knowledge of SAP BW, SAP BW-IP, SAP BO functionalities. He was charged with many projects implementing products on SAP Netweaver platform and worked as an architect of large data storage building based on SAP BW. He also possesses excellent knowledge of the whole line of SAP analytical products and leads projects on implementing enterprise data storages, planning and forecast systems.

More than 12 years’ experience in construction and implementation of data storages, as well as planning, forecast and reporting systems with the use of the whole line of SAP products. He was in charge of large-scale implementation projects in various economic sectors.

More than 20 years’ experience of information systems implementation in various fields of economy. In addition to his PhD in physics and mathematics, Dmitry has deep knowledge and understanding of SAP ERP and SAP BI platform architecture, as well as finance, management accounts, budgeting and consolidation fields. He is also a successful manager of SAP BI and SAP ERP complex structure building with Russian and international projects and a functionality expert of SAP BW, FI, CO, FI-FM systems.

We offer

The Sapiens company specializes in data storages implementations on various platforms. We possess the expertise in designing, realization and maintenance of corporate data storages on SAP, Qlikview, Cognos и Open source platforms. Depending on our client's requirements, current IT-landscape and project budget, we help to select the optimal configuration of software products in ETL instruments, databases, products for mathematical and statistical data processing and ultimate client application for data analysis on stationary computers and mobile devices.

The Sapiens team possesses the expertise in analytical and formatted accounting development with the use of the following OLAP products:

  • SAP Business objects.
  • Qlikview.
  • Tableau.
  • Cognos.
  • BIRT.

We have also developed our own mobile application for data analysis on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Solutions, designed with the use of Open source products are especially noteworthy. Such configuration allows us to reduce the "vendor" risks , drastically lower the implementation cost and the aggregate possession cost of the whole analytical software package. The Sapiens company offers its services for data storage and accounting systems designing, implementation and maintenance, based on platforms with the open source code and free licenses.

Today many companies turn to outsourcing for information systems support and maintenance. The reason is simple: to maintain high quality standards and to keep business clients satisfied, companies needs staff specialists who have diverse qualifications. But in low business activity periods some specialists have no job to do for up to 60 percent of their working time, while in high activity periods they are overwhelmed and cannot complete their tasks in time.

Sapiens offers various options for the maintenance process organization in your company:

  • deployment of the whole team onsite in the customer's office.
  • remote support.
  • remote support plus the presence of business analysts with the client.

We will help you choose the best option while keeping the price reasonable and meeting SLA requirements.

We provide support of:

  • analytical reporting systems based on SAP BW and SAP HANA platforms (all versions).
  • business control systems based on SAP ERP.
  • planning and forecast systems.
  • budget systems.
  • consolidation systems.
  • reporting systems based on Qlikview.

In recent years, various projects of developing mobile business apps, such as dashboards for top-management, operative reports for specialists and line managers, mobile working places for warehouse employees and merchandisers, are getting more and more popular. The increasing number of devices of all kinds and their characteristics (from screen resolution to different types and versions of OS) makes these devices and their development very expensive.

Sapiens develops cross-platform business apps for all existing mobile devices and operating systems on the market. The advantage of this approach is simple: it makes applications independent from mobile devices and operating systems, considerably simplifying their maintenance and development, and doesn’t affect the work speed of the application.

Our mobile solutions:

  • are user-friendly and carefully designed.
  • are cross-platform.
  • are fast to develop and less expensive.
  • have the functions of caching data and offline work.
  • have the function of data input.
  • have SSL encryption of connection with server.

Sapiens offers off-shore apps development, expansions and reports for the whole line of SAP and QlikView products and modules, including the development on SAP HANA platform and SAP UI5 (Fiori) development. We have more than 10 certified SAP HANA specialists and more than 20 certified ABAP programmers. We will help you choose the optimal work method from the following ones:

  • off-shore development by functional specifications.
  • allocation of a key developer or business analyst on-site.
  • allocation of the entire development team on-site.

We possess the expertise of development in the following fields:

  • analytical and formatted reports of the whole line of SAP Business objects products.
  • SAP HANA models and apps development.
  • analytical reporting and dashboards in SAP Design Studio.
  • development of dedicated dashboards in HTML5 and Java script.
  • development of analytical reports and dashboards on QlikView platform.
  • development of SAP Fiori apps.
  • development of user applications, interfaces and enhancements in ABAP/4.

When working with a contractor, business users often prefer to have an analytics specialist who can act as an intermediary between business users and system developers. It helps to understand requirements more accurately and win the business client’s trust. An analyst, who understands business requirements and knows how information systems work, sets the right tasks and achieves the necessary results when implementing the system.

We provide the following management consulting services:

  • description of business processes and development of concept project.
  • setting of tasks for developers and testing.
  • development of budget principles.
  • development of forecast models.
  • development of mathematical and statistical models for the further automation on SAP HANA platform.


The price formation process is one of the key processes for retail and wholesale companies. When setting the price, it is necessary to find the balance between marginality and turnover on one side and competitors’ prices on the other.

To help solution making process, Sapiens offers a pre-adjusted solution that lets us:

  • organize the collection and storage of data regarding competitors’ prices.
  • set up a working place for the person responsible for price formation, including interactive calculation of the key factors, such as elasticity of demand.
  • automate the process of price coordination with responsible specialists.

Due to large amount of data that is a component of implementing SAP for Retail system, the use of batch accounting is not recommended. It helps SAP ERP Retail system to function properly but imposes a series of restrictions on management accounting, as well as on turnover and leftover stock data analysis.

Based on our experience, we developed a solution that, with certain suppositions, computerizes batch accounting for retail companies. Our solution for virtual batch accounting is based on FIFO approach, or on the concept of redistributing sales and movement of goods in proportion with leftover stock. Our pre-adjusted solution allows to computerize the following fields of turnover data analysis:

  • analysis of proceeds, prime cost and leftover stock in supplier's angle.
  • attribution of suppliers’ bonuses on prime cost.
  • analysis of turnover in supplier's angle.

Our solution allows our client to computerize income tax accounting and Russian Accounting Standards 18/02 requirements, using SAP BW and HANA platforms. The implementation of our solution for income tax accounting allows to computerize the following fields:

  • integrated accounting of Russian Accounting Standards 18/02 requirements.
  • flexible system of data collection and transformation from SAP ERP FI-GL, FI-AA, CO modules.
  • analytical accounting for collation.
  • automatic formation of tax accounting.

Based on our experience of implementation of budgeting systems in wholesale and retail companies, we developed a pre-adjusted architecture that allows to unfold the budgeting model on SAP BW platform. The pre-adjusted model’s functions include goal setting, turnover planning, clause budget collection and calculation of 3 master-budgets - estimated P&L, the budget of money movement with the direct method and budget balance. The unfolding of pre-adjusted solution, including the training of finance department and IT department key specialists, takes approximately 4 months. It also includes basis parameters, compilation and coordination of the master data (budget clauses, FRC), unfolding of the system and tutorial.

Our pre-adjusted solution allows our clients to:

  • set goals, limits for clauses or groups of clauses (up-and-down budgeting).
  • carry out FRC budget collection in accordance with responsibility matrix (down-up budgeting).
  • plan the turnover.
  • calculate master budgets based on transaction cards, where every budget clause corresponds to budget checks and CFS clauses.
  • plan/actual analysis of budget implementation.
  • upgrade the pre-adjusted budgeting system with the use of BI-IP or SAP PBC functionalities depending on business tasks in the future.

The concept of running the company with KPI exists for a long time already and is used by many managers. We offer technical automation of metrics model based on SAP BW platform or using the Open source solutions.

This solution is based on creating passports with connected indexes to form a calculation tree. A newly added index is automatically reflected in standard SAP BW accounting, as well as in the mobile app. Index parameters include rules of its reflection, unit of measure, diagram and table reflection shape, pertinence of cuts fact/plan/forecast etc.

Additional reports for both SAP BW and mobile app, based on the created model, can be developed if necessary.

Our clients

The M.video chain originates from 1993. There are more than 378 stores at the beginning of the 2016. The product assortment exceeds 20 thousand units - audio/video equipment with digital devices, small and big consumer electronics, entertainment goods, and accessories.

At Mvideo, Sapiens implemented the following products:

  • planning and sales forecast system.
  • price calculation system.
  • budget system.
  • management accounting system.
  • maintenance and development of analytical systems.

The Megapolis group is a private company that owns and manages assets in the segments of logistics and everyday goods distribution: tobacco and alcohol products, grocery, lighters, batteries, contraceptives. Megapolis has more than 240 branch companies in Russia and more than 40 in Ukraine. It works directly with more than 150000 stores in Russia and 50000 in Ukraine and employs more than 14900 people in Russia and 2800 in Ukraine.

At Megapolis, Sapiens implemented the following:

  • development of a redistribution of expenses model for the management accounting system.
  • maintenance and development of analytical systems.

Founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, Lenta became one of the largest and most quickly developing retail chains in Russia.

At Lenta, Sapiens implemented the following:

  • accounting in various functional areas (capital investment, retroactive bonuses, accounting for goods turnover and for accessibility of leftover goods in distributive centers).
  • also currently performed - maintenance and development of analytical systems.

The Detsky Mir brand has a history of more than 50 years in Russia. Over this long period of time the company developed its inner traditions that helped Detsky Mir to successfully overcome all the challenges of the past century. The fusion of traditions and aspiration to keep up with the time brought Detsky Mir to a new stage of development – creating a chain of children’s stores of the 21st century standard.

At Detsky Mir, Sapiens implemented the following:

  • corporate data storage.
  • analytical accounting system for the main office and for the retail chain.
  • design and sales forecast system.

The MegaFon company is one of the largest Russian mobile phone operators. MegaFon is present in all segments of telecommunication market in Russia. The company and its branches have all necessary licenses to work in all regions of Russia, as well as in Abkhaziya, South Osetiya and Tajikistan.

Sapiens participates in the re-engineering of MegaFon company’s business processes together with Novardis, Deloitte and E&Y and is responsible for designing and computerization of the following fields:

  • assortment planning.
  • commodity-finance planning.
  • price formation.
  • redistribution of inactive assortment.
  • redistribution of supplier's bonuses to SKU level.


SAP BW / SAP HANA trainee

Main duties:

  • Work with real tasks on projects.


  • Higher or incomplete higher technical education.
SAP BW consultant

Main duties:

  • Development of project solutions.
  • Setup and development of SAP BW / SAP HANA.
  • Participation in testing and system launch.


  • Minimum 2 years of working experience.
  • Higher technical or economic education.


2015 October 6 - SAP trade forum in Moscow

06 October 2015
On October, 6 in Moscow hosted a SAP trade forum in Russia

M.Video implements retail planning on SAP BW ON HANA platform

29 August 2015
NOVARDIS AND SAPIENS companies have finished the computerization of sales plan forming at M.video stores. The solution on SAP BW on HANA platform allowed the company to improve the accuracy of the process, reduce terms of planning and provide the necessary data specification.

April 9 - SAP forum in Moscow

12 April 2015
On April, 9 Moscow hosted a major SAP event in Russia - SAP forum 2015

We’ve launched our new website

28 March 2015
We’ve launched our new website and invite you to get acquainted with our services. If you have any comments you can email us info@sapiens.solutions